Monday, February 7, 2011

Day 32: My backyard visitor

Place: Backyard

Every morning I find a few hummingbirds visiting our backyard. And I've tried many times to capture them on picture - its a tough one - by the time I adjust the zoom, they are up and away. Wish they would listen to me and stay and pose! But got this little guy for a couple of seconds!

Canon T2i  1/400s
Focal Length 250.0mm  f/7.1


  1. What a tiny creature! BTW how long is your lens?

  2. Lovely shot!

    Adding you to my blog roll..

  3. @ Jidhu - thanks!

    @ Sig - I used my Canon 50-250mm lens on this one. Love that lens. Makes everything look so pretty! If I ever want to be photographed - someone should use that from 100ft away! LOL

    @ Usha - thanks and thanks!