Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 56: Heart of the Home

An absolute warm heart of this lovely home. 

I was very thrilled to be cooking in here yesterday! A friend of mine was throwing a party to celebrate his 15 yr old granddaughter's bday coming up soon. She turned a vegetarian recently and so he invited me over to cook up and teach her and his family some vegetarian cooking. We planned an extensive menu and cooked it all up. It felts like Thanksgiving in March except for no turkey. After 2 appetizers, 5 entrees and 3 desserts and leftovers enough for another party, I was ready to go back in and cook again - who would not want to if the kitchen is so inviting?

Thank you John and Sharon for a wonderful evening!!


  1. Beautiful kitchen Anu. :-)


  2. You should start some cookery classes Anu!! Love the vessels hanging from the top!

  3. Like I've said already, this is such a warm and hearty place. Love the hanging pot rack too!