Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 58: Even More Retro

Today's picture of the day actually is in three parts.

This is a Kodakchrome handheld camera from the 1940's. The film has to be loaded in a dark room here and pulled through the little wheel on the bottom left. The film provides 50 exposures - but 25 on each side. So, once you're done taking 25 pics, you'll have to open it up again in a dark room and load it in the reverse to use the other 25 exposures.

This little dial on the cover is used for all settings - Very Bright Sun, Bright Sun, Hazy Sun, Cloudy bright and Open shade and then on the right is for the aperture speed.

And there's a little manual roll on the back and other little dials for more settings.

How cool is that?


  1. Wow, amazing Anu. We have certainly came a long way in terms of cameras. :-)


  2. That is cool, but oh am I thankful for technology! I am sure I would've never touched a camera if it was that complicated! :)