Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 11: All shades of Blue

Place: Irvine, Orange County

Its the middle of January, still winter, but our good old Southern California is having a 72F, perfect blue sky kind of a day. I can crib all I want about how expensive this place is or just how many health freaks there are here. But when I walk out and see this, there is no other place in the US of A I'd want to be right now. 

Canon SD780 IS


  1. Absolutely. look at that blue skies. Don't show this to the peeps on East coast. They will be so J I tell ya ;-).

    Lovely shot Anu.


  2. That's so gorgeous!!! Imagine long walks along this road :)

  3. Siri - you bet. But every now and then, I do rub it in..a girl gotto have fun!

    Nags- I walk on this street every day - just across the street is also a great golf course. Proud to call this my neighborhood!

  4. It was lovely day today! Planning to visit the beach tomo!

  5. 72 degrees??? Now I am really depressed. We are having yet another gray northwest winter days today:(