Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Day 9: A Thing of Beauty

Place: Irvine, Orange County

Subject: Came across this dandelion beauty while taking a walk this morning. Did you know you can use dandelion leaves for cooking?

Canon Powershot SD780IS


  1. Haven't seen one of these in weeks, it is too cold out here to get out and smell the roses or dandelions :) Very nice picture! Got here from Siri's place.

  2. Hi Sig - heard a lot of good things about you from this other lady here - the one who commented right after you! Nice to meet you!

    Other Lady - thank you.

  3. *Other Lady* LOL Anu. :-).

    I second Sig. it is so freaking cold here that bechara, none of these beautiful flowers are blooming. Lovely DOF in the picture.