Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 15: Mr. Banana says Hi

Place: Home

Subject: Mr. Banana. Actually Mr. Huge Big Banana. My daughter got this as a white elephant gift at a Christmas party we attended recently. I had to take a zoomed out shot just to show how big this banana really is. Its actually as tall as I'am and I'm pretty tall by normal standards. I think I'll need to build a new closet to store this guy! 


Canon T2i   1/60s
Focal Length 23.0mm  f/4.0


  1. he looks like a cartoon character who popped out of the tv into your living room :D

  2. Thanks Guys - I'm finding it funny that you all find him cute. I find him big and annoying and in my way of keeping my living room clean - he's just all over the place.

    @ Nags - I see what you're saying -actually when I just came back here to look at the picture - suddenly the velvet cover seems to make it look like I almost dragged a clip art and extended it over my picture!

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