Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Kicking off Project 365

A pictorial of my life - one day at a time.

Welcome and enjoy the stay.

These are the 2 cameras I own. All pictures published here are from one of these two here. And yes, I'm a Canon girl.

Canon T2i: My recent purchase. Black Friday budget put to good use. I'm in love with this piece of magic and I feel like Tinkerbell  every time I play with it. Creates absolute magic!

Canon  - Many a memories have been clicked with this little red baby below. My good old trusted partner. I love thee.
Enjoy. Peace Out!


  1. Anu Dearest:

    Just saw this blog today. Very good pics. Happy you are taking to my hobby of photographing nature.

  2. I am cannon girl tooo :) Once a cannon fan always a cannon fan! Dont have a SLR though....hopefully will lay my hands on one as my project 365 progresses :) See ya around