Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 21: Today's find. For the soul.

Place: Home 

Subject: Went to the farmers market this morning, of course just to pick fruits for the week. But, as I was walking back to the car, stopped by this small stall that had a sample of a butter rum cake. One bite and I was sold. Just how can a girl resist butter-rum and chocolate-cappuccino mini bundt cakes?

Canon T2i  1/125s
Focal Length: 70.0mm   f/4.0


  1. I love your "Eat Pray Love" tote. I have seen these cakes in my market too. And only in CA we can get strawberries throughout the year I guess!

  2. you are taking me to the farmers market when i visit, right?

  3. Love the vibrant colors in the picture.

    Lite Bite

  4. You are balancing out the cake with fruits, so you are fine. Oh wait, isn't it all sugar?

  5. @ Divya - agree. I guess when its always 72, strawberries tend to grow!

    @ Nags - you need to temporarily move here - just until we cover everything on your list! LOL! Sure - let's do this too!

    @ Sanjeetha - thanks!

    @ Sig - Shhh..you don't say those things out loud. At least so my bootcamp instructor doesn't hear it!